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Orion Museum Collections

Orion Museum Collections

The Life Dangerous Days

Princess Diana was born on 1961/07/01. She died in a car crash on 1997/08/31 exactly the same day on her fate designated very important Life Dangerous Day! She failed to have a much more secured way of living (just a long and safe stay at home) for the purpose of the required Escapes from the Dangers!

Princess Diana 黛安娜王妃出生於1961/07/01。她在1997/08/31這一天因車禍遇害而死亡於她命運中所指定的非常重要有生命危險之危險日!她沒有採取一個更安全可靠的生活方式(只需一整天長時間而且安全地停留在家中),以達到所需要的逃離危險之目的!

Typical Historical Records

Princess Diana 黛安娜王妃
Date of Birth 出生日期: 1961/07/01

Date of Death in a car crash 車禍死亡日期: 1997/08/31 (The Life Dangerous Day 生命之危險日)
Day Fortune Scores by 當天財運分數: 0

Princess Diana died exactly at AM 4:00 - her most dangerous traffic accident Bi-Hour Time #03 Bi-Hour AM 03:00 - AM 05:00 (Dawn 黎明破曉) on her Life Dangerous Day August 31, 1997. She had only two troops of Galaxy Protectors (her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones) to fight against 7 Dangerous Stars (the dangerous paparazzi photographers) on that day!

黛安娜王妃精確地死亡在早上 4 點鐘  -  正是她最危險的發生車禍交通事故之兩小時段  #03 Bi-Hour AM 03:00 - AM 05:00 (Dawn 黎明破曉) 於她生命之危險日1997831在那一天她只有兩對銀河星系保護者 (她男朋友  Dodi Fayed 與保鑣  Trevor Rees-Jones) 7 個危險星 (危險的狗仔隊攝影師) 戰鬥!

人類最神秘的生命秘密 - 生命安全之危險日
The most mysterious Secrets of Human Life - The Life Dangerous Days

依據中華民國政府的官方統計數目字,從 2007 年至 2016 年間之 10 年內,因車禍危險而死亡或受傷的人數高達 3,235,167 人,占總人口比例之 14 %,是非戰、和平地區內威脅人類生命安全的最大原因,您為何不點擊預測您的未來生命秘密的網站 查詢您未來有那天是您的生命危險日期?難道您完全漠不關心您自己與家人的生命秘密與危險?

According to the official statistics of the Government of the Republic of China, the number of deaths or injuries due to the danger of traffic accidents had been 3,235,167 people, those are 14% of the total population, and had become the greatest threat of human life safety at non-war-zone peace areas in the last 10 years from 2007 to 2016. Why don’t you just click the website of future prediction system to examine your life secrets at for making enquiries about your future life dangerous days? Are you completely indifferent to the life secrets and dangers of your own and your family?

The dangers of life dangerous days


The dangers of life dangerous days include the traffic accidents, gun shots and knife deaths or injuries, water drowning, fire, the explosion casualties of gunpowder gas and chemical, the deaths or injuries by cold frost and frozen weather, hot burns and scald, poison, radiation, a fall or stumble, and all kinds of casualty deaths or injuries caused by accident that endangers the safety of life.

Human Life's Daily Fate Calculation and Prediction System

Orion Technology on FUTURE science
Orion 未來科技

The most mysterious secrets of Human Life

The Life-Span-Age Extension Days

The Life Dangerous Days

The Annoying Days in Low Spirits

It seems to you that you are "NOW" on-line using the history book to be published in the future 2100
這對您來說好像是您在網站線上之 "現在" 正使用著未來在西元 2100 年才出版的歷史書籍

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