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4 件重要又稀少之中國瓷器 4 Important and Rare Chinese Ceramics

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4 件重要又稀少之中國瓷器 
4 Important and Rare Chinese Ceramics 

(1) 大明永樂年製官窯青花纏枝蓮穿花三爪行龍紋天球瓶 
A Blue and White Three-Claws Dragon against Lotus-scroll background Hemispherical Bottle Imperial Palace Workshop Yongle Period Ming Dynasty 

(2) 元朝霽藍釉地底足內甜白釉刻大元國成吉思汗萬歲萬萬歲內府公用龍紋款三爪白龍紋梅瓶 
A Sapphire-blue-glazed Blue Ground Three-Claws White Dragon Meiping Vase with White-glazed Base carved Dragon and mark-inscribed Long Live Long Long Live the Great Yuan Empire Genghis Khan and for imperial public usage only Yuan Dynasty 


Provenance:  The family handed-down ancestral collection of the 20th generation descendant 陳萬承(Chen wan cheng) from the ancestor 陈秀甫(Chen xiu fu) who was nominated as military Marshal by Ming Emperor in Hongwu 18th year ( A. D. 1385 ) Ming Dynasty. 

(3) 大明宣德年製海床撈出傳奇絲路中國外銷經中東至歐洲霽藍釉刻花卉紋梅瓶 

尺寸: 高 33.50 公分, 最大腹徑 21 公分, 口徑 4.80 公分, 足徑 11.00 公分. 

A Seabed-unearthed en route the legendary Silk Road from China to Europe via Middle East Sapphire-blue-glazed Blue Ground Flowers Carved Meiping Vase Imperial Palace Workshop Xuande Period (1426 - 1435) Ming Dynasty 

Size: Height 33.50 cm, Maximum Abdomen Diameter 21 cm, Top Mouth Diameter 4.80 cm, Round Base-stand Foot Diameter 11.00 cm. 

(4) 海撈大清雍正年內務府唐英督管(景德鎮)珠山御窯廠窯務制宮廷貢品宮廷專用皇帝賞珍青花花鳥紋瓶 

尺寸: 高 45.50 公分, 最大腹徑 19 公分, 口徑 12.50 公分, 足徑 11.00 公分. 

A Seabed-unearthed en route from Jingdezhen Zhushan Imperial Palace Workshop supervised by Tangying to Beijing Palace for exclusive Palace usage and for the Emperor’s appreciation Blue and White Flowers and Birds Vase Yongzheng Period (1723 - 1735) Qing Dynasty 

Size: Height 45.50 cm, Maximum Abdomen Diameter 19 cm, Top Mouth Diameter 12.50 cm, Round Base-stand Foot Diameter 11.00 cm. 

It's a wonderful and magic world. If you could not find treasures in the earth, then you can find them in the sea. A treasure should have been only for the Emperors at Beijing Palace in Great Qing Dynasty or for the Emperors in the Europe or in the Middle East in the 15th century, however it became for the Emperor in the sea. 

這是個傳奇而美妙的世界. 假如在土中找不到寶物, 可以在海裡找到! 本應是屬於北京紫禁城皇宮內大清皇帝或是15世紀歐洲或中東君王賞珍之寶的中國名瓷, 卻成為海龍王賞珍之寶. 

The Chinese Fine Ceramics unearthed in the seabed are much more valuable and priceless 

藏在海床污泥內的中國名瓷, 與空氣完全隔離, 宛如置於時空膠囊中, 只要將其瓷體表面的海床污泥刷洗乾淨, 再用淨水泡洗沖刷除去瓷體表面所寄生之海殼類生物體, 即可煥然一新, 正與數百年前剛燒好出窯時的狀況差不多。 官窯瓷器製造堅固,海潮及海浪無法輕易地破壞海中的官窯瓷器。因此, 它們提供了最正確的到代參數資料庫如胎質、胎土、釉面、彩料、紋飾、氣泡、工法、燒法、火石紅、開片、款識、底足、內胎、年代、……等等, 而掌握了這些正確的歷史數據資料, 即等同於具備了過去於瓷器剛燒好出窯時所能取得的相關瓷器鑑定知識,縱使是現代人完全無法回到數百年前之過去年代。 

The Chinese Fine Ceramics hidden in the seabed sludge are completely isolated from the air as if they were placed in a time capsule. So long as their seabed sludge on the surface of ceramic body is scrubbed clean, then to soak them in the fresh water and to wash away the parasitic sea crustacean organism off the surface of porcelain with soft brush, they look brand-new as it were just burnt out of the kiln several hundreds of years ago. The ceramics from the Imperial Palace Workshop were all made firm and rigid. The sea tides and waves are not easily to destroy them in the sea. Therefore, they provide the most accurate information to the proper generation database of parameters such as porcelain, clay, glaze surface, color material, ornamentation, bubbles, construction method, burning method, flint fire-burnt red, crackles, inscription, basement at bottom, inner wall, year,...... etc, and to master these correct historical data is tantamount to have a relevant authentication knowledge to identify true ceramics at the time when they were just burnt good out of the kiln even if modern people are completely unable to return to the past several hundreds of years ago. 

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